LWAA Pistol Team

The pistol team began with a vision that Sr. Agent Frank Reger ran with. Because of his love for shooting and his desire to get better, Frank began the quest of putting together a group of agents across the state to get involved with the competition shooting.

After the first match, Frank quickly learned that not only was the competition fierce, but the training aspect could not be ignored. What has evolved over the years is awesome! Now the team is celebrating 10 years of existence and has grown from one agent going to a few matches here and there, to five agents traveling on a state and national level competing in some of the most intense shooting courses known to police officers.

These courses called Police Pistol Combat (PPC) are held all over the United States and are sanctioned by the National Rifle Association. They include the use of a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol shooting from several distances (from 4 yards to 50 yards). Also, there are courses where only the shotgun is used and a tactical course that includes the use of a pistol, shotgun, and rifle. Categories and classifications separate each shooter so they compete on their respected ability level and range from Marksman to High Master.

Each firearm, revolver and semi-auto, also has its own classification such as Open class, Service, Stock, and Off Duty. So, as you can see, each agent gets quality training with several firearms that promote accuracy, sharpens the basic fundamentals of shooting and emphasizes safety.

Another fact is that each participant is a law enforcement officer. They work for and represent different Cities, Counties, Parishes, States, Federal Agencies, and even other countries! The information and innovations they pass along to each other are so helpful and valuable. And the stories that are told… well, they stir a gamut of emotions and then that turns into a competition to tell the best story!

It is truly an honor to be a part of Louisiana Wildlife Agents National Pistol Team. We want to thank the Agents’ Association for their unwavering support for the pistol team. I believe we represent one of the top agencies in the Nation! Also, we thank all of our corporate sponsors across Louisiana. Your help and support are so much appreciated. We commit and strive to represent our department and state in the most professional manner.

Any agents interested in joining the pistol team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the members: Frank Reger, Troy Parker, Dane Thomas, James Parish, and Aron Hastings. As you view the pictures included on this page, please know that a lot of time, expense and practice preceded them all. We are not bragging, just simply showing that we are a team to be reckoned with and want to bring home an individual and Team National Championship!