Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association

The purposes of the Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association, a non-profit corporation, include: Foster, protect and promote the welfare and interest of all classified commissioned wildlife enforcement agents, active or retired. Encourage and promote the constant improvement of public service rendered by the Division of Enforcement, Department of Wildlife

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    Public Information Officer

    Lt. William Boyd


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Died in the Line of Duty

Agent Kenneth "Ken" Aycock

(WL215) Homer

February 21, 1956 - July 6, 1991

Agent Ricky Dodge

(WL323) Marksville

February 27,1954 - January 20,1992

Agent Kenneth "Ken" Aycock

(WL227) Bastrop

October 10,1959 - March 30,1996

Captain "Big John" Garlington

Region 1

June 5, 1946 - February 10, 2000

Sgt. Paul Stuckey

Sgt. Paul Stuckey, Baton Rouge

September 30, 2011 at age 47

A Day of Remembrance
Jim Matkin Memorial Scholarship Application